Specialist Installations

One area of the education and leisure industry that has seen a great deal of technological advance has been that of surfaces for sport and play. Originally there was AstroTurf, invented in 1965 and named after its appearance at the Houston Astrodome a year later.

The prime function of artificial turf was the fact it was cheaper to lay than real grass. Later it became evident it was useful for indoor activity as it needed no sun and no rain. It was, however, unforgiving and far from comfortable to fall on for those not padded for American football.

In the early part of this century more advanced products were developed. The AstroTurf brand itself developed its products and associated base layers, as seen from this picture of a ‘soccer’ tournament staged by the company to showcase its materials.

Some of the newer materials are also much more versatile and can be used for a variety of games and sports (so-called MUGA pitches).

The same advances have taken place in play surfaces, with safety and soft textures to the fore. These can be of the soft-pour rubber kind or soft artificial grass mats. They have the further advantage of being available in a variety of colours.
Alongside these advances, the equipment used in playgrounds and outdoor games areas has developed to keep pace with a developing child’s imagination.

Manchester Road Surfacing is able to plan, install and maintain all of these new games and play surfaces and equipment as part of its specialist installations offering.