Line Marking/Anti Skid

For line marking in car parks, private roads and other trafficked areas, Manchester Road Surfacing can apply thermoplastic road marking lines – ideal for applications where speed is required or for the reinstatement of existing line marking or on car parks and cycleways.

Once in position, they are applied onto the road surface by heating with propane gas, and can be driven over within minutes.
For added safety, Manchester Road Surfacing are experienced in the installation of anti-skid surfacing, for areas where traffic is likely to be braking or turning.

Anti-skid surfacing can be applied using a number of binders: epoxy resin, thermoplastic or polyurethane. The binders hold the aggregate in place and bond to the road surface. Each has its own unique characteristics and our experienced personnel can offer advice on the correct choice of binder for your application.

In order to enhance the visual impact of the area, the surface can be coloured. Standard colours are red or green, but other colours can be supplied on request.